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The old creepypasta legend has been reborn! The spiral head man continues to haunt you throughout the theater.  This time its a point and click thriller which gives you quicker access to many parts of the theater finding clues to the reality that surrounds you. It's unpredictable what comes next in each walkthrough. It could be a strange paranormal haunting you or it could be nothing. As you dig deeper into the walkthroughs, you'll soon start to find out that its more than just a game...

For those who have read the story will understand how the gameplay works. It's a repeated process but you're also free to roam into other areas of the theater. Exploring your surroundings is recommended unless you're too afraid to find out what's waiting for you...

Gameplay can range anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour or more depending on how well you explore the walkthroughs.  It's recommended that you wear headphones to play the game but that's totally up to you. 


Buy Now$1.99 USD or more

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An old school scare fest, The Theater is deeply unsettling. 

Hi, I don't know if anyone is active on this page anymore but I have finally decided to play this game and I am very glad that I did. Since it's the same layout each time you go through, it can get a little tedious but then when the horrors lurk.... they do leave you on edge.

Here's my nice little video on this game, though I might play it again soon.

Does anyone know where or how to get these models?

i Think this game would be amazing in VR

Same, honestly.


Came here from Markiplier. Amazing!

Same here he's amazing loved the video when he played the midnight man or midnight game forgot name of it lol.

Midnight Man? 

I've heard of him...

This is a phenomenal game. I've been seeing a lot of reviews and feedback saying that it isn't as well done as the originals or it doesn't follow the creepypasta, etc. I see what you've made here. It is an awesome storytelling experience about how the main character is affected by the game itself. I didn't quite understand at first, but once I read the pasta, it was all super clear. The atmosphere was VERY well done. I absolutely loved the audio engineering and the visuals. The point-and-click mechanics were very unique and I didn't expect a game like this to be such an immersive experience. The jump scares got me just about every time, since there is such a large time gap between each one. I personally feel like this game is definitely worth the price that you put out there, even if it is mostly wandering around (it took me almost 2 hours to beat). The juicy bits are totally worth hunting for. Thanks so much for making this!

I see you're a fan, huh? Also, you have a great voice, I must say.


I do apologise for asking a question like this but.... why does this game require money? Why can't it be "pay what you want" or "It's free, but you can pay this amount"? Why does it have to priced? I want to be able to play it for my YouTube Channel, in the future, because I have loved and known about The Theater creepypasta for a long time. I want to give this game a go but.... there's a pricing. If you could email this game to me at "enderskull789@gmail.com", if I think the game is a "well-done" game, I will buy the game to support you!

I just don't want to buy indie games to then result in me not liking the game and not being about the refund the game because of the ridiculous service they provide on these platforms.

So, if you see this comment, could you please send the whole game to that email that I provided?

Thank you for reading, hope to play your game soon! :)

- iSeeLT - YouTube Personality in Gaming

Deleted 1 year ago

This is perhaps one of the most pretentious comments I have ever seen online. First off, you only have something like 650 subscribers, and secondly, how can you not afford TWO dollars? Whoever made this game put some hard work into this and you just come in here waltzing like a bloody prima donna asking for a free copy for your crappy YouTube channel. Slit your wrists, you mongoloid.

Hey, chill.

You've got a point.

This should be on steam too!... and if comes to steam, do i need to buy again? :P ah, i should stop complaining, this actually looks nice! 

The original's still better.

Out of curiosity, what engine was this made in?

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I think either Unity or Unreal. 


I was about to beat the game, but I keep getting an error saying "the label: 'ToStaircase2' could not be found". Hope this helps and I hope you update the game so I can beat it.

That's what's supposed to happen! If you go back in, you should click "New Game" and proceed.

Here's the first episode for my let's play for the theater!  The game does have some scares and it's a really cool click and point horror game! :) 

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Would wish there'd be more 'moments' to make it less repetitive or empty, otherwise, the 'quiet before a sudden moment' to me, takes too long to happen. Otherwise, curious to see the ending.

Good luck.

Gave it a go...

How was it?